Google Chromecast

Over 10 Million Google Chromecast Sold

The Chromecast came and tapped into a market with an unexpected demand and now it seems to be conquering. Google has announced that its Chromecast streaming media stick has exceeded 10 million units, which is quite the milestone.

Google Chromecast
The streaming dongle currently retails for $35 per unit and has been very successfully and with over 10 million units sold, it proves that the Chromecast could one of the most popular streaming sticks available in the market.

According to a report by the Korea Times, Google’s branch in the country revealed the sales figures with more than 10 million units sold globally. The ten million units sold do not include shipments to retailers around the world, so there’s an even bigger figure if those units were to be added.

The Chromecast allows its user to stream content from their devices to their TVs. You can also watch movies and TV shows on Hulu Plus and Netflix with the Chromecast Streaming Stick.

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