14-carat Gold Lego Brick Sold for $14,500

Gold Lego BrickIf you are a true Lego fan then you probably already heard of the world’s most expensive Lego brick, which was recently given to selected business partners and LEGO employees between 1979-81 after they had worked for Lego for 25 years. The Gold Lego Bricks was crafted from 14-carat gold and weighs 25.6 grams.

Well it seems that one of those employees awarded with the gold lego brick though it would be better to sell it and got a whopping $14,449 on the Brick Envy website, a site that specializes in collector LEGO sets and pieces.

14-carat Gold Lego BrickThe brick is the same size and shape as the original 2×4 LEGO brick and also comes in its original display box which features the LEGO logo of the time that it was given out. The box itself is plastic and has a minor amount of storage wear on it.

[Via: Kotaku]

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