160GB PS3 Slim Model Coming too

160GB PS3 Slim Model
As reported earlier today, there will be a 320GB PS3 Move Bundle coming in September. Apparently there is also a 160GB PS3 Slim Model Coming too, the 160GB Playstation 3 will be available as a standalone for $299. There has been rumors that the 160GB PS3 Slim Model has already been spotted on GameStop’s Website. Previously the 160GB model was only available in Japan but is now making its way to the United States and will also be available in Europe starting in October.

Source: PlayStation

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  1. Its real!

    I pre-ordered mine from Best Buy!
    It comes out September 3rd in Canada (well Toronto at least)!
    Good thing i saw it, otherwise i would have ordered the 120 gb slim which is less for the same price!

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