21.5-inch Full HD Android Tablet from Kouziro

Kouziro FT103 Large Tablet
Kouziro just announced the world’s largest Android tablet, namely the FT103 Tablet. The Kouziro FT103 comes equipped with a 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen display which is large enough to enjoy your favorite movies on, but it’s too large to carry around plus it doesn’t have a battery built-in, it requires to be plugged into the wall to be operational.

The large tablet runs the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, it is powered by a TI OMAP 4428 processor, it has an integrated kickstand, an HDMI input so it will work just great with Blu-ray players and gaming consoles, it comes with 8GB of on-board storage and has a front-facing camera.

Other specifications of the FT103 Tablet includes an ethernet port, two USB ports and it weighs approximately 11 pounds so this bad boy will have to find a space on your desktop. The tablet doesn’t support SD cards and it is expected to be launched in Japan later this month and will go for the price of $437.

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