Able Planet True Fidelity Headphone with Linx Audio Technology Review

Able Planet True Fedelity
Able Planet is a company known for its work and innovation in quality audio and thanks to them we just received a unit of their True Fidelity Headphones that features Active Noise Canceling Technology as well as their Linx Audio Technology. Just took it from its package and I must admit that I am really digging its Hard Shell carrying case that keeps it secured with a elastic strap. The True Fedelity features an all black design that is soft to the touch, like most headphones it comes with an adjustable headband which is also soft at its top. It cannot be denied that it features an entry-level design which has nothing extraordinary about it but after browsing the company’s website for a little bit, I found out that the unit has gotten over 26 awards, so I guess it makes up for everything with its audio quality, Let me give it a few minutes with some of my favorite tracks and see if its audio quality does make up for its entry-level design.

Able Planet True Fedelity - PackageAfter using it for a few minutes I must admit that I now feel guilty for bashing its entry-level design as it is one of the most comfortable headphones I have used, ever! It looks huge but it is really lightweight and in addition to its comfortable fitting it has active noise cancellation that you can only appreciate truly if you have been placed at the back of an airplane with a buzzing engine just because you booked at last minute and got the very last seat on the plane, literally or have a house full of noisy visitors and you just want to watch your movie. Once you experience its noise cancelling feature you will have to spend some serious bucks before you find noise cancellation that matches up to that of the True Fidelity Headphone.

In my conclusion, it may have a normal design but Able Planet’s Linx Technology really delivers superior sound quality and clarity as their website promised and I am really loving its active noise cancellation and will definitely be taking it with me the next time I travel just in-case they put me next to the engine on the Airplane. What I didn’t like though is the fact that it requires an AAA battery to work. If you decide to get one then it cost $149.99 and worth ever penny you are going to pay for it.

Whats Included: a 1/4 Home Stereo Adaptor, a AAA Battery, Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case, Airplane Adapter and it has a 3.5mm which means it should work with your iPod, iPhone, MP3 and other Smartphones as well.

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