Loopy Gadgets is dedicated Gadget Blog Magazine which highlights the latest Consumer Electronics, Gizmos and Gadgets.

On a daily basis we crawl the Web’s best Press Release sources and other Gadget News and Reviews blogs just to find the latest news and releases on Digital Camera, Mobile Phones, MP3 Devices, HDTVs, Laptop and Desktop Computers, Storage Devices, Peripherals and just about anything notable in the Technology World.

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The Beginning
LoopyGadgets.Com started out as a Website reviewing Consumer Electronics in early 2006 and then evolved into a Blog in early 2007.

Since then Loopy Gadgets has grown to an extent where it is now being recognized by Gadgets Fans all around the world. According to Google Analytics and Alexa, 52.5% of our traffic comes from the United States, 8.6% from India, and 10.54% from China.

We use WordPress as the Backend of this blog with a theme which was developed by the Web Fusion Network which has been working with us since the blog was first published.

The Team
The Blog started out with a team of three Gadget Loving men. Two of the three men then moved on to work for a prominent mobile carrier as Technical Support Agents, the blog had to then hire a new writer to fill in the space of the two writers who were missing in action.

The blog also have guest writers who sometimes submit news and reviews. We presently accept guest articles, however conditions apply. To become a guest writer, feel free to contact us anytime.

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