Acer AT2356 23-inch Freeview Display with a DVB-T Tuner

Acer AT2356 23-inch Freeview Display
Acer unveiled a new display in the UK, this new display, the AT2356 Freeview Display features a 23-inch full HD LCD display. The AT2356 is no mere flatscreen PC monitor as it comes with a Freeview tuner and a DVB-T tuner, so it could be classified as a TV.

Acer’s also boasting about its gamma correction and noise reduction features, that offers more vibrant and sharper images. There is a 5ms response time, two HDMI ports, supports HD broadcasts, its the perfect solution for those who want to get a TV and a big computer screen in one. Also introduced was a 20-inch model, the AT2056. The Acer AT2356 will hit stores on June 1st for £249.99, while the AT2056 hits on the same day for £199.99.

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