Acer Aspire Timeline M3 Ultrabook

Acer intros Aspire Timeline M3 15.6-inch Ultrabook Series

Acer Aspire Timeline M3 Ultrabook
Acer updated its Aspire Timeline series with the new Aspire Timeline M3 Ultrabook Series. According to Acer, the new Timeline M3 is the first ever 15-inch 2-spindle Ultrabook, which features a hybrid hard drive and a DVD burner.

The new M3 Ultrabook comes equipped with a 15.6-inch LCD display that offers a 1366×767 pixel resolution and users get the choice of a hybird hard drive with integrated SSD for instant-on capability, or only SSD. The Ultrabook owner also gets to choose from Intel’s Ultra Low Voltage Core series of processor all the way up to the Core i7-2637M, the device will get NVIDIA’s new 28nm GeForce GT640M graphics card and 6GB of RAM.

Other specifications of the Aspire Timeline M3 includes WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity, it has Dolby Home Theater v4 support and integrated premium speakers. The Ultrabook comes with a stylish black cover made of an aluminum alloy which should prove durable over time.

[via Acer]

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