Acer K520 Hybrid LED-Laser Projector

Acer intros the new K520 Hybrid LED-Laser Projector

Acer K520 Hybrid LED-Laser Projector
Acer has unveiled the new LED-Laser hybrid projector from its K-series called the Acer K520. This new projector utilizes hybrid LED-laser light source technology and according to the manufacturer, the hybrid light source is suppose to provide an improved color brightness that surpasses that of a mercury lamp and will also deliver up to 20,000 hours of lamp life.

The new K520 projector delivers a 1024×768 XGA resolution, it offers 2000 lumens brightness and a DynamicBlack 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The projector also supports 3D projected images and videos, it has a 40-degree vertical keystone correction, plus it also comes with an HDMI, VGA, Composite, component inputs.

It is an eco-friendly projector featuring EcoProjection, an environment-friendly power management suite, and ExtremeECO mode for advanced lamp power control and reduced power consumption of up to 90%.

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