Acer P7215 DLP Projector

Acer P7215 6000 Lumens Single Lamp Projector

Acer P7215 DLP Projector
Acer just introduced its new Acer P7215, the world’s first 6000 lumens single-lamp professional projector. The projector is based on DLP technology and features a 1024×768 XGA resolution plus it is also 3D-ready. The P7215 also features a high-brightness level, it has a 120Hz refresh rate for flicker-free 3D images.

The projector has a top-loading lamp design, allowing users to replace the lamp easily in a few steps, it has a HDMI, DVI, dual-Sub inputs and Ethernet LAN port, and supports Crestron network control. The projector also comes with support for up to Full HD signal, delivering crisp, vibrant details and amazing color.

Read the entire press release below:

Acer Debuts World’s First 6,000 Lumens Single Lamp Projector – Extreme Brightness for Hard-Hitting Presentations

TAIPEI, TAIWAN.. Acer introduces world’s first 6,000 lumens professional projector, the P7215, using a single lamp. This projector is very eco-friendly, delivering light for up to 2,000 hours while using 350 watts, reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.

Acer’s P7215 comes with convenient settings and upgraded features that improve usability and presentation flexibility. It features native 1024×768 (XGA) resolution and support for up to Full HD signal, delivering crisp, vibrant details and amazing color. In addition, this projector is DLP 3D Ready and offers advanced firmware that enables high refresh rates (120 Hz) to render flicker-free 3D experience.

The P7215 also boasts Crestron® network control and connectivity options such as HDMI®, DVI, LAN and dual D-Sub ports, making it a high impact tool for professional users in large venues. Furthermore, with Acer’s top-loading lamp design, users can replace the lamp in just a few simple steps, even when the projector is ceiling-mounted.

Acer’s projectors aim to promote green light source technology without compromising performance. In addition to the P Series for professionals, there is a full range of lineup to cater for consumers’ needs: C Series for on-the-go, H Series for home entertainment, K Series for laser-LED hybrid, and X Series for normal usage.

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