Acoustic Research Xsight Touch and Xsight Color Remotes

Acoustic Research announced its Xsight Touch and its Xsight Color Universal Remotes. These are some advanced remote control that rules out the need for multiple remotes for your home entertainment center more like the the Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote.

The Acoustic Research Xsight Touch (model: ARRX18G) features a 2.2-inch color touchscreen display along with a slider control for navigation. It can control up to 18 devices and uses 433 MHz radio frequency or infrared for connectivity. It comes with a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charging cradle for a suggested retail price of $249.99 or $349.98 with optional RF Extender Kit.

The Xsight Color (model: ARRX15G) on the other hand has a 2.2-inch color LCD screen a hard keys and toggle bar navigation. It is powered by AA batteries and can control up to 15 devices via IRA Infrared connectivity. It is available for a suggested retail price of $179.99


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