AgfaPhoto AS 1110, AS1111, AS 1300, AS 1300 Pro Photo Scanners

AgfaPhoto AS1110 Photoscanner
Sagem Communications introduces its new line of AgfaPhoto Photo Scanners. The new range of Photo Scanners are available in four different models, the AgfaPhoto AS 1110 (black) and AS 1111 (white) models then there are the AS 1300 and AS 1300 Pro models.

The AgfaPhoto AS 1110 (black) and AS 1111 Scanners comes in a compact form which measures 46x156x38 mm and can scan 10 x 15 size photos in 5 seconds, with a resolution of 1800 x 1200 pixels then transfer to your digital photo frame or PC while the AS 1300 and AS 1300 Pro models measures 47x274x33.8 mm in size and cna only be used with a PC. It offers image scanning in JPG, BMP, TIF or PCX formats, business cards and A4 documents at a speed of three pages a minute, with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and transfer them using PDF, RTF, Word or HTML formats.

Pricing Information:

AS 1110: €79.99
AS 1111: €79.99
AS 1300: €99.99
AS 1300Pro: €119.99

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