Aglove is perfect for use with Touchscreens and to Warm Cold Hands as well

A few weeks ago we got a package in the LoopyGadgets Mailbox and after unwrapping we found something that we have never got before for review. It seemed pretty odd at that point, but after reading the attached note, we realized what it was and was used for. The content of the package was a pair of gloves, at first we thought it was just a company that thought winter is coming and our hands should be kept warm while we blog, but after reading the booklet we realize that this was no ordinary gloves and althought it can be used to keep hands warm it also has a place in the gadget niche.

Before I rave about how awesome it is, I must say “thank you” to Agloves for sending the pair of gloves, for me personally they work just fine while texting and that’s something I do a lot. However we would appreciate it if you could send two additional pairs since the guys in the office are practically fighting to wearing these that you sent to us.

The Gloves are ideal for use with touchscreen interfaces and for use while texting plus they will come in real handy this winner, beat the cold and type your text messages or just browsing on your touchscreen phone, no matter the brand. Whether the Motorola Droid, Blackberry, iPhone or any other capacitive touchscreen devices.

We only got to test it on the Blackberry Storm and we could really see the difference when compared to using just fingers. If you own a Nook, Kindle, iPad or any touchscreen device, the Aglove is a good investment and at $17.99 per glove, its more like buying two cups of coffee. They are available in black with silver flecks which produces a charcoal grey coloring.

If you wish to experience texting or using your tablet with the Aglove, the you can buy one from their Online Store.

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