AIPTEK PocketCinema Z20 HD-DV Projector

Aiptek, a Taiwan company recently introduced the PocketCinema Z20 at CeBIT 2010. It is a combination of a pico projector and a HD camcorder in a palm-sized device. The PocketCinema Z20 uses RGB technology that produces a wide range of true colors in high contrast and can project images up to 65-inch in 2 meter distance.

The Z20 is capable of recording 1280x720p HD videos and 5 megapixel images. The device has touch-sensitive backlight buttons, a built-in Li-ion battery, 2GB of internal storage and supports microSD cards up to 32GB. There is also connectivity HDMI, composite video input and a remote control is also included.

AIPTEK PocketCinema Z20

AIPTEK PocketCinema Z20

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