Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer for iPad

Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer/Recorder for iPad

Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer for iPad
Alesis introduces the new iO Mix, a 4-channel mixer and recorder for the iPad tablet. The device features a slot for your iPad, it becomes a powerful portable studio with the ability to record multiple mics or instruments directly into GarageBand or any other compatible Core Audio app.

One of the four channels is switchable to guitar-direct for guitar recording without an amp, there’s also a switchable 48V phantom power for use with studio condenser microphones. It has four combo XLR-1/4? input channels, meaning you can connect virtually connect any recording gear to iPad, from microphone to speakers, to instrument and headphones.

Alesis iO Mix 4-Channel Mixer Recorder for iPad
The device also has composite video output, it has two balanced, stereo 1/4? TRS outputs and 1/4? TRS stereo headphone output with individual volume control. The iO Mix for iPad will be available soon but no actual availablity date was announced and no pricing details either.

[via Alesis]

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