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All the ways Disney Plus is Better than Netflix

Disney Plus

The streaming battle of 2019 is about to go down, starting in November. So basically we could say the streaming battle of 2020, and it will be between the reigning champion Netflix vs Disney Plus video streaming.

Disney Plus video on demand is the upcoming streaming platform from the parent company that brought you Star Wars, The Walt Disney, Co. Disney Plus is expected to go live on November 12th, that’s when the official battle for subscribers and original content will commence.

At launch, subscribers will instantly have access to 30 seasons of The Simpsons, The Mandalorian and a number of films from the Disney vault. The service will be available in The Netherlands and Canada the same day, New Zealand and Australia the following week.

Disney Plus vs. Netflix Streaming

Disney is on a journey to dethrone the giant of the streaming industry, Netflix. In my opinion, it is well warranted as it is believed by many that Netflix is starting to get pretty complacent with its current standing amongst subscribers.

In the good ole days, Netflix uses to have more blockbuster movies than we could watch in a fortnight. Now, the entire Netflix database is filled with “original content”, but what we see is low budget movies, independent films, a few blockbuster titles dabbed here and there, then more independently filmed documentary branded as “original content”.

Over the years, Netflix has announced impressive earnings reports, over and over again. The better the earnings and the higher the subscription price got, the more good titles kept disappearing.

Hulu may be competition to Netflix; even though they have yet to steal their subscribers. Disney Plus, on the other hand, will be no doubt a disruptor to Netflix’s list of subscribers. The reason for the conclusion on how much Disney Plus will be better than Netflix arrived after research into all the features of the new streaming service.

We have made a list of the top reasons why Disney Plus streaming service will be way better than Netflix.

Disney Plus cost way less than Netflix.

Disney Plus will cost $7 per month at launch, and even though the price will definitely rise in the future, it will get Netflix negotiating its pricing.

Disney+ isn’t the company’s only streaming platform, Disney also controls Hulu after its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. They will also be offering Disney+ as an add-on to Hulu, similar to HBO and Starz.

Netflix basic plan now costs $8.99, but you can forget using that plan if you have a 4K or HD television, as it only offers standard 480p videos.

Netflix 4K stream cost $15.99 per month, however, for $13 per month you can get the Disney+ bundle which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. This is $3 cheaper than Netflix for three times the content.

Disney Plus Pricing:

United States Market: $7 Monthly / $70 Yearly – Base Subscription

Canada Market: C$9 Monthly / C$90 Yearly.

Australian Market: AUS$9 Monthly / AUS$90 Yearly

The Netherlands: €7 Monthly / €70 Yearly

Founders Circle Offer: $140.97 – Three Years – Offer ends Sept: 2nd.

Superior Content and Quality

There has been a massive exodus of blockbuster movies from Netflix over the past year or so. If it’s not produced by Netflix, finding a well-known film on the platform is like a needle in a haystack.

Disney+ will bring just about all the titles from the Marvel franchise, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars and others.

In addition to its superior content, Disney Plus will also offer great quality at launch. Disney will offer 4K resolution with HDR support.

The company has also confirmed content delivery in both Dolby Vision, Dolby’s dynamic version of HDR that offers evolving content to supported TVs squeeze the best contrast out of each scene.

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