Amazon Cloud Drive arrives in Canada

Amazon has just introduced its Cloud Drive Service in Canada, now enabling customers to be able to stash all of their files safe and sound in the Cloud, with the promise of accessing them anytime, anywhere via Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon is starting off the service with 5GB of free storage, it might sound pretty much right now but as soon as you get hooked that 5GB might get filled up pretty fast.

Amazon Cloud DriveWith this announcement made by, those in Canada will be able to access their digital files via Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac, or you can even opt to do so from any web browser. Cloud Drive Photos for Android or iOS devices can also help you store, share and access photos from your Android smartphones or tablets and iPhones or iPod touch devices.

Now! once you have filled up your free 5GB of storage the plans are pretty affordable with a starting price from CAD$10 annually.

[Source: Press Release]

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