Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Giving Away Free Fire TV Stick with Sling TV Subscription

Free Fire TV

Get a free Fire TV Stick from Amazon when you purchase a Sling TV Subscription for the Limited time.

Amazon has made the announcement its relatively new Fire TV set-top-box and Fire Stick now offers Sling TV. To celebrate the arrival of the new Sling TV, the company is now offering either a free Fire TV Stick or an Amazon Fire TV set-top box with a discount of $50.

You will automatically qualify for the discount, once you sign up for a subscription on the Sling TV website and prepay three months of Sling TV service.

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Subscribers who qualify will receive the promotional code after checkout, which can then be used to purchase the Amazon Fire TV box or stick with $50 off the original price when purchasing your Amazon Fire Set-Top box or simply claiming your free Fire TV Stick.

If you would like to find out more details about this special promotional discount, then you can always visit the company’s website.

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