Amazon to launch the Kindle Touch e-Reader?

Amazon Kindle Touch e-Reader
Its either Amazon had this plan in the pipeline or they got really nervous from the recent launch of Apple’s new iPad Tablet Device. But word out is that Amazon just made a step forward and bought Touchco which is a little company that makes incredibly cheap, infinitely multitouchable displays, and merging it into their Kindle division.

With this acquisition, I think it is safe to say that there will be a multitouch Kindle coming really soon. Touchco’s touchscreen tech is designed to be cheap—under $10 a square foot—using a resistive display tech called interpolating force-sensitive resistance. What makes it more special is that unlike most resistive touchscreens, it’s pressure sensitive, and can detect an infinite number of simultaneous touches. Plus, it’s totally transparent (old school resistive touchscreen layers dim brightness and dull colors) and designed to work with full color LCD screens.

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