AMD FX Series of Processors Launched

AMD FX Series of ProcessorsAMD has unveiled its new line of processors that comes from AMD’s FX line up. The new FX Series of Processors includes four chips which are all based on Bulldozer architecture. The newly launched series consist of the FX-8150 that comes with eight cores, the FX-8120 which also comes with eight cores, the FX-6100 six cores processor and the FX-4100 with four cores.

All four in the series offers completely unlocked processor clock multipliers for easier overclocking, which makes it possible for enthusiasts to enjoy much higher CPU speeds and performance gains. All four new processors also utilizes AMD Turbo Core Technology to dynamically optimize performance across all the CPU cores enabling maximum performance for intense pressure on the CPU. The AMD FX-8150, AMD FX-8120, AMD FX-6100 and AMD FX-4100 are all presently available and goes for the prices of $245, $205, $165 and $115, respectively.

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