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Amplifyze TCL Pulse Bluetooth Alarm and Timer Review

Amplifyze TCL Pulse is the perfect modern day alarm. Five different level of vibration to wake up deep sleepers.

We had the Amplifyze TCL Pulse Bluetooth-enabled Alarm for a few days now, getting close and accustom to all its features. The TCL Pulse is best described as the “modern day alarm clock” that connects to your iOS devices, allowing you to take control of the way you wake and start your day.

The TCL Pulse “Modern Alarm Clock” comes in a compact form and available in three different colors; pink, black and white. Apart from being available in attractive colors, it just took the space of many alarm clocks on nightstands around the world.

It features five different levels of vibrations, so you will have to select which is best based on how deep of a sleeper you are, there’s also five different alarm tones just in case you need that extra push to get out of bed. You can choose the duration of each alarm, length of each snooze and maintain connections using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Amplifyze TCL Pulse

You can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the TCL Pulse using the app, then program up to 10 different alarms for any day of the week, or all of them if you have busy daily schedule. You can manage up to five different TCL Pulse from the app on your iOS device, which we are stating from its list of specifications since we only had one device to play with, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Amplifyze TCL Pulse Conclusion

In our opinion the TCL Pulse is ideal for users with busy schedules, with up to ten different alarms to remind you of what needs to be taken care of, and even thought it does the same thing as your smartphone, it’s the radiation-free solution to your smartphone.

There’s also a count down timer which makes uses for the TCL Pulse endless, it could even make a great gift for mother, could come in real handy when baking. The TCL Pulse is now available for a retail price of $39.95 from or find it on other online retailers such as Amazon.

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