Apacer SDHC Industrial-Grade Memory Cards

Apacer SDHC Industrial-Grade Memory CardsApacer has announced its new line of Class 10 SD memory cards that comes with a design that is aimed at industrial applications, military, communication, surveillance, medical devices and car navigation. The cards are based on Single Level (SLC) and Multi Level Cell (MLC) plus they will protect themselves from shock and vibration and also complies with the SD 2.0 standard use low power consumption. It could also be considered as a rugged memory card as it will even operate in temperatures between -40º C to 85º C.

The Apacer SLC Memory card comes in the capacities of 256MB to 8GB with a maximum write speed of 13MB/s and reads at 20MB/s while the MLC series comes in the capacities of 4GB to 32GB with a write speed of 8GB and a read speed of 19MB/s. No pricing information was found for the Apacer series of SDHC memory cards.

Source: Gadsta

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