Apollo Electronic Cigarette Review

Apollo Electronic CigaretteWe have entered into a whole new era in our lives, an era where a normal cellphone won’t do the job anymore, an era where cars will soon be powered by only electricity (hopefully they will invent a water-powered vehicle as well) and an era where we see cigarettes trying to be an healthy product, I never thought I would see the day. The guys at Apollo sent us one of their starter kits to check out, an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit that is which includes One disposable eCigarette, 2 long-lasting lithium batteries, one USB charger, one wall charger and a pack of 5 cartomizers with different flavors. I have heard of electronic cigarettes before but I have never had the opportunity to actually smoke one until now.

For those who have never heard of such a device before, an Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device that looks very similar to an actually cigarette but instead on inhaling smoke you are actually sucking water vapors while enjoying all the pleasures of a regular cigarette made from tobacco. After doing a little research on their website, I found out that the Apollo eCig is claimed to be the best electronic cigarettes on the market. I can’t really say anything towards that because I have never tested the other brands out there but I can say that I once promoted the brand called Blu-Cigs and if you ask me, I would tell you straight up “Don’t buy from them, because they are unfair and I would never trust someone that is unfair with a product that is being absorbed by my body!”, I wouldn’t use their product and I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my readers.

Apollo Electronic Cigarette - Charger CaseJust so you understand what the Apollo Electronic Cigarette made up of, according to my 25 minutes research they include a rechargeable battery (you get the charger in the starter kit), it looks like the top section of an actually cigarette and it has a LED that lights up when you puff, which I thought was really cool the first time i saw it. You have the option to order different flavor cartomizers, if i’m not wrong I think they offer five flavors: Tobacco, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry and Menthol plus they have new flavors to be added soon. You attach the flavour cartomizer you want to enjoy and start puffing, you get approximately 200 puffs from each cartomizer which would be equal to a pack or regular cigarette.

What was written above is merely a description of what the device looks like, so don’t act as if I am promoting smoking, because smoking is dangerous to your health and that is something that is said everyday it is even printed on cigarette boxes but people do it anyway so if you going to do it why not go for a way better choice.

My Thoughts on the Appollo Electronic Cigarette:
Smoking on a Apollo Electronic Cigarette is still considered addictive because even though it is minus the smoke you are still putting nicotine into your body. If I was supposed to be a sales person for the company, my selling point would be how convenient it is, for example: In a state like North Carolina where smoking is banned inside bars and restaurants the Apollo eCig would come in handy, it is a great way to save back on money for those hard smokers, the starter package goes for only $49.95 plus you get to enjoy the pleasures of a cigarette after a stressful day on the job and you have the option to choose which flavor.

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