Apple iOS 5 Get Detailed at WWDC 2011

The Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2011 is well on the way in Moscone West, San Francisco where the company’s keynote speakers has on display a new range of softwares for their devices such as the new Mac OS X Lion as well as the latest version of their mobile OS platform for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the iOS 5. The new mobile OS will bring a few new features to iOS devices and Apple has detailed approximately 10 of the new features in its keynote at the WWDC 2011. See can see the new features listed below after the break.

  • Notifications will be displayed on the device’s screen, once the screen is lock it will display notifications from various apps including tweets, messages, Facebook updates and missed calls plus other notifications.
  • Newsstand: It comes with a new features called Newsstand which will deliver news from a wide range of publications which includes National Geographic, Vanity Fair and many other magazines.
  • Twitter Integration: Apple has also decided to integrate twitter into the core of the platform, thus enabling easy posts of users photos to twitter plus no need to download and install any apps.
  • Safari Browser: The Safari Browser has gotten an update which includes Tab Browsing (just like it would work on Mac) and Safari Reader built-in, this new feature enables the user to read a story without any adverts or anything else to take you away from the article. It also comes with a feature called the “Reading List” which apple describes as the best way to ‘read it later’.
  • Camera in iOS 5: They have also updated the camera, there will now be a camera button on the lock screen that will give users the option to take photo quickly without having to unlock the device. The camera app will also come with the ability to take photos with the volume rocker on the iPhone and the option to edit the photos in the app as well.
  • PC Free: This is also a new addition to the new OS and this feature will allow Apple to deliver software updates to iOS devices OTA. Plus users will now be able to setup a new iPhone, iPod or iPad without the need to connect to a Mac or PC.
  • Game Center: With the new Game Center, users will have the option to purchase and download games directly to their devices plus the option to play games with your friends in Game Center.
  • iMessage: This is a new messaging service that enables users of the iPod and iPod Touch to receive messages from friends just as if you were sending and receiving messages on your iPhone. It is somewhat similar to the BBM found on Blackberry Smartphones.
  • Mail: Apple has also updated its mail feature that will now offer a wide range of new features which includes indentation, rich text formatting, dragable addresses, a built-in dictionary, a built-in search option and the ability to flag emails as well.

There hasn’t been a specific release date announced for the new iOS 5 Mobile OS but Apple has reveal in their keynote that it is expected to be launched this fall.

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