Apple iPad Tablet Official Announced – Breaking News

Apple iPad Tablet Official Announced
As this article is been published, I am watching Steve Jobs official demonstration of the Apple iPad which has been talked about since August of 2009. The iPad look somewhat like a giant iPhone, it measures a mere 1/2-inch thick and weighs just about 1.5 lbs. According to the analyst on MSNBC, this could completely kill the Amazon Kindle as it offers a lot of advanced functions when compared to the Kindle e-Book Reader.

There is a 9.7-inch colored touchscreen display, powered by a 1 GHz Apple Chip, 16-64 GB of Flash Memory, built-in calendar and address book, Google Maps, HD Movies and Music Playback, 4G Wireless connectivity and a 10 hour battery life. There is also a developers kit coming out later today, the device also supports all iPhone apps with any modifications. Full specifications will be available at a later date, No pricing information announced yet.

Update: AT&T will charge $29.99 a month for “unlimited use” and $14.99 a month for up to 250 megabytes, said Jobs. There will be no contract with AT&T required for the plans, according to jobs.

Update 2: The Apple iPad will be priced at 16GB models at $499 for the WiFi model (no 3G), 32GB for $599 and the 64GB model for $699 on WiFi only models, while $729 and $829 respectively for 3G enabled models.

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