Apple iPhone 5C 8GB Model now available in more countries

A while back we heard that there was an 8GB model iPhone 5C which is expected to be launched in countries all over Europe.

Well we have heard more details about the iOS Smartphone which was designed for mid-range markets, according to reports the 8GB iPhone 5C is expected to start selling in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Italy, it was previously only available in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and China.

iPhone 5CThe cheaper version of the iPhone 5C is expected to retail for 50 Euros less than the 16GB model of the iPhone 5C in Europe, its not much of a price difference if you ask me, because that won’t improve sales for the handset.

With this new version of the iPhone 5C, its safe to say that Apple plans to increase the popularity of the device in different markets. The iPhone 5S is still considered to be the favorite even though it cost $100 more than the iPhone 5C.

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