Apple iWatch Will Be Available in Three Models

We have heard numerous rumors about the new Apple iWatch, which is one of the latest device due to be launched from Apple in the near future. According to reports, the Apple iWatch will be at companion for the Apple iPhone, as a wearable gadgets.

Apple iWatch
The latest rumors about the iWatch claims that Apple will be launching two different versions of the wearable gadget, one a designer iWatch while the other will be a sports iWatch. However, we heard that Apple apparently will be launching three different versions of the iWatch, and each of these will apparently be available in two different sizes, one will have a 1.6 inch display while the other will have a 1.8 inch display.

There is no way of proving if these rumors are accurate about the Apple iWatch, but we are expecting the device to be launched sometime in the coming months, probably September along with Apple’s iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 as well. We will keep you guys updated as soon as Apple spill the beans on it’s new and excitingly fresh Apple iWatch.

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