Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter for Europe

With the new Lightning port on the recently announced iOS device causing much of Apple’s customers to be somewhat disgruntled, Apple is announcing new accessories that will fix the problems they would have faced using their old accessories on the new devices.
Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter
In addition to the Lightning to 30-Pin Connector and the imminent launch of the Lightning to VGA and HDMI, Apple also announced the Lightning to Micro USB Adapter which will be available in Europe.

The adapter lets users to connect the latest iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th and iPod nano 7th gen with Lightning connector to micro USB cable for charging and syncing.

European Commission has chosen micro USB as the standard interface of mobile phones, so this accessory for the new iPhone 5 would have came sooner or later. It is now available via Apple UK and goes for the price of GBP15.

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