Apple new iMac 2012 Taken Apart by iFixit

Apple iMac 2012 TeardownApple’s new iMac was officially launched last friday and the guys over at the iFixit got their hands on the 21.5-inch model and had it torn down to the last screw, so we could see the parts that make up Apple new iMac Desktop Computer. The detailed takedown of Apple’s new 2012 iMac 21.5 inch system has awarded the new computer with a repairability Score of just 3 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).

The reason for such a low score, iFixit team explains that even though you can easily replace the RAM, Hard Drive and CPU, there are other hardware which is way more difficult to be replaced. Here’s the list of other hardware components that iFixit thought wasn’t easy enough to be replaced.

The glass and LCD are now fused together, and there are no more magnets holding the glass in place. That means it’s heatgun time!

-Most replaceable components (like the RAM) are buried behind the logic board, meaning you’ll have to take apart most of the iMac just to gain access to them.

-Budget-minded folks can no longer add a second hard drive to the base iMac unless they are super-fond of soldering missing proprietary connectors onto the logic board.

-You’ll have to masterfully peel off the old double-sided sticky tape and apply new tape in order to reseal this iMac into original condition.

[Via: iFixit]

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