Apple reportedly sitting on 3 Million Unsold iPhone 5C

We have just found out that Apple’s iPhone 5c isn’t doing so good for itself. However this doesn’t mean that Apple is facing any financial troubles over it. There are a few reasons that we could point out why the affordable device isn’t going too fast.

iPhone 5CEven though the device goes for a much cheaper price than the iPhone 5s, customers still rather to fork out the extra cash to get the latest hardware. Some even claims that the colors of the iPhone 5c is to be blame.

Now according to a report from DigiTimes, they are citing sources from the supply chain that apparently Apple is currently sitting on as many as 3 million unsold units of the iPhone 5c. Apparently 2 million of the phones are sitting in Apple’s factories while the remaining 1 million has been distributed to carriers which we’re guessing are having a hard time unloading them to subscribers.

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