Apple rumored to unveil iOS 8 at WWDC 2014

According to rumors, Apple plans to make its mobile operating system even more beautiful and functional. Apple plans to show off its next iteration of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, and even though it hasn’t been confirmed but we have heard that the visual will basically remain in the same format, but we should expect a big difference with existing features and apps.

apple ios 8
Apple’s iOS 8 is expected to feature a much better experience with its existing functions and apps such as Maps, Siri, iCloud and others. The next-version of the iOS will feature a much better experience plus rumor claims that the development team at Apple is working to make its built-in features and products was more perfect.

iOS 8 will also feature the rumored Healthbook app which would be similar to the Passport app. Healthbook would provide iOS 8 users with health-related data, with multiple sources of information. iOS Maps is another app that is expected to get more functional and get a few bug fixes, plus we should also see Siri receive some increased abilities, to catch up with Google Now service which is now available on Android devices.

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