Apple Smart Case for the iPad 2 and iPad 3 Tablet

Apple Smart Case
Apple quietly introduced the Smart Case which goes by the model name MD455 which was designed specially for the iPad 2 and 3rd generation iPad. While the Smart Cover protects only the touchscreen, the new Smart Case adds a back cover to protect iPad’s aluminum back panel.

Like the Smart Cover, the case can also be folded into a stand for reading, typing and watching videos plus it also automatically wakes and sleeps the iPad on open and close. The Smart Case is made from durable polyurethane material and will be available in six colors which includes gray, dark gray, green, pink and red.

Apple Smart Case Blue
Users also have the option to even personalize their case with free laser engraving, the new Apple Smart Cover goes for the price of $49.

Apple Smart Case for iPad 2 and iPad 3

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