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Apple Watch will ship in April, Tim Cook Revealed

Back in 2014, when Apple made the announcement of the Apple Watch, they revealed that the device would be shipped in early 2015. We have heard rumors of the device being delayed but Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed those rumors, he confirmed that the device will be shipped in April.

The announcement was made during Apple’s earning call, where he revealed that the promised march date has been set back to April. This is also the first time that he has made a comment regarding the products release date, no specific date in April was announced but now we have a more specific time frame to look forward to.

According to Cook, “To us, it’s sort of within the range. It’s basically when we thought.” Well technically he’s right as April is still considered in the earlier part of the year, but we were expecting it to be more like in Q1. During this announcement no details regarding pricing were reveal so we will just assume it will start about $350.

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