Apple will begin manufacturing iPhone 5S in December

Many customers including myself who bought the iPhone 5 still has the plastic that came on the cover of the device, and already Apple is ready to start production of its iPhone 5S according to reports from Chinese newspaper, Commercial Times.

Apple iPhone 5The newspaper is reporting that Apple will begin manufacturing a trial batch of its iPhone 5S starting next month. Apple plans to start off with only 50,000 to 100,000 units, and once the trial batch meets all the requirements Apple has set for the handset, full production will begin early in the new year.

The Apple iPhone 5 was officially released in September, and since it hit the market it has been an hot item, which is why the company has been having problems keeping up with its supply. Commercial Times reports this is exactly why Apple wants to start production of its “iPhone 5S” in order to meet the upcoming demand for the device.

[Via: BGR]

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