Apple working on App to predict Heart Attacks

Apple is allegedly working on a new application which will make its debut on the iWatch, the health-focused app is being designed with the ability to predict heart attacks. According to reports on the internet, the sensors which are being developed by Apple will monitor the sound of blood rushing through a person’s arteries allowing it to predict an Heart Attack, the second it starts to occur.

Apple LogoThe efforts are being led by audio expert Tomlinson Holman, the inventor of THX and 10.2 surround sound. In order for the sensor to work effectively, a device would have to be worn on the person’s body, which directly points to Apple’s upcoming wearable device, commonly referred to as the iWatch.

As of right now, the information posted above is being referred to as rumors until its confirmed by Apple. But if this app pans out to be true, we might see Apple entering the medical scanner bed industry.

[Spotted on Mashable]

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