Apple’s Hotly Anticipated Digital Camera RAW Update for Fujifilm Cameras is Here!

Finally after a long time of waiting and wondering whether Apple will ever update Digital Camera RAW for Mountain Lion, the people have their answer. The update has been long-awaited for diehard fans; there were some who just ran out of patience and decided to purchase another system to use and move on. For some it was a waiting game – they played and won – and to others it was just a little too late for an update.

Digital FujifilmThe Apple update – called 4.05 – will add RAW image compatibility for a handful of Fujifilm Cameras, including the Fujifilm X20, X100S, X-E1 and X-Pro1. What this means, for owners of these Fujifilm cameras, is that their devices will be compatible with Aperture 3 and iPhoto’11. Our guess is that there will be a flux of Fujifilm photographers out there, running their batteries low, now that they can edit RAW images. For spare digital camera batteries, try A1 Battery Pro, who will get you back out and shooting in no time.

In the time that apple took to release this update, rumors are that many have switched to Lightroom. We’re unsure whether these who have yielded to Lightroom’s powers, will decide to revert back to using Aperture; but what we do know is that the temptation may be too great – Aperture being so good at what it was created for and all.

Needless to say, owners of Fujifilm cameras will be rejoicing all over the world and The Fuji-centric RAW compatibility update comes in at 6.3MB and can be downloaded from Apple’s website or directly inside Aperture or iPhoto.

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