Apple’s iTunes Radio now available in Ecuador

Apple iTunes Radio Service has popped up on the iTunes player and OSX operating systems running on devices in Ecuador, could this mean Ecuador is the next country to receive the free music streaming service?

Apple’s new iTunes Radio service is currently available in the US and Australia only, however the service is expected to launch in other countries really soon.

iTunes Radio on iPhoneWell it appears that Apple is presently putting the work in to get the service to other countries, it would appears that iTunes Radio has turned up in Ecuador, it appears that Apple is testing the service as it is only available in iTunes and OSX, sans iOS and Apple TV.

iTunes Radio was launched in the US last year, and it should be seeing a launch in the UK and other countries shortly. The Music Streaming Service comes free with iOS devices but you will have to listen to the ads, but if you have an iTunes Match subscription you get to listen to your favorite tunes with any advertisements.

[Source: Apple Insider]

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