ARK Aluminum case

ARK Alluminium iPhone Case Increases Volume by 25 Percent

ARK Aluminum case
Some of the most unique smartphone cases we have seen in the past, were found seeking crowd funding for production on KickStarter. We recently came across the ARK Aluminum iPhone Case which claims that it will increase your device’s volume by 25 percent.

The iPhone case is designed by the guys over at Tydus Concepts, and not only was it designed to protect the device from drops but also boost the device’s volume by 25% without using any battery consumption. ARK iPhone cases are constructed from 6061 which makes the cases ultra lightweight.

ARK Aluminum Case
There are available in a variety of anodized colors. The cases are available for the iPhone 5, 5s and the new iPhone 6. If you like the new ARK Aluminum iPhone case, it is currently listed on KickStarter crowd funding website seeking $50,000 to jump into production.

Keeping your iPhone protected usually means compromising its original design and sound speaker quality thanks to the bulky and awkward cases currently offered in the market. The ARK is a new case that enhances the original iPhone design while offering full crash protection. The case also features a sound enhancement port to boost the phones volume up to 25% with out using your battery !. Designed for easy installation with a detachable cage made of aerospace grade aluminum.

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