Armani Exchange First A|X 3D Glasses

Armani Exchange First AX 3D Glasses
With 3D being the norm on electronic devices with a screen, most company outside of the electronics industry seems to be cashing in as much as they can from this new venture. Even popular companies from the fashion industry seems to want a piece of the pie, recently Gucci announced their 3D Glasses and now another well-known Fashion company is also following the trend. Armani Exchange introduces its new A|X 3D Glasses which is produced under license by Safilo Group and goes by the model name 3DV 001 AX. The 3D Eyewear looks rather different from the ordinary 3D glasses you get when you go to the theatre, it looks more like a pair of Fashion Shades/Sunglasses. It is intended for use in movie theaters only so it could be in a theater near you, it has an “AX 3D” logo printed on the upper left lens and “Armani Exchange 3D” printed on the left temple.

It look like fashion shades but it comes with advanced features such as optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology that will allow 98+ percent of visible light thus enabling edge-to-edge distortion-free viewing in a movie theatre, there is also a special high tech multi-layered mirrored lens coating that minimizes distortion when looking into a mirror. There are quit a few more features that you would appreciate and if you would like to know all the features then go get one it is priced at $58 per unit, no idea if it is yet available on Amazon.

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