Asus K70AB and K50AB

Asus K70AB
Today Asus announced five new laptops and amongst these laptops are the Asus K70AB and the Asus K50AB. Both laptops are AMD-powered, but first lets focus on the K70AB which has a 17.3-inch LED-backlit display with 1,600 x 900 pixel resolution and is powered by an AMD Turion 2.2GHz processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 with 512MB of RAM and up to 4GB of DDR2 RAM.

Then there is the Asus K50AB which boast a 15.6-inch LCD display and is powered by an AMD Turion 64X2 Ultra ZM-84 2.3GHz Processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 512MB graphics card and up to 4GB of RAM.

The Former comes in two different models, the K70AB-TY002C and K70AB-TY001C and is priced at €793.20 or US$1,107 and €868.80 or US$1,215 respectively. While the latter comes with a suggested price of €793.20 or US$1,110. Photo of the Asus K50AB after the break….

Asus K50AB

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