Asus Padfone Smartphone with 10.1-inch Tablet Dock

Asus Padfone Smartphone
[Computex 2011] Asus Chairman Jonney Shih has also unveiled their new Padfone which is one of the company’s latest innovations along with the company’s UX Series of Notebooks. The new Padfone will capitalize of a design that could be considered similar to the Motorola Atrix Smartphone that docks into a Notebook Dock, but the Padfone docks into a Tablet Dock. The Padfone solves the problem of data transfer hassles and multiple SIM cards when both a smartphone and 3G tablet are used. The Padfone features a 4.3-inch Smartphone and a 10.1-inch Tablet dock although the company has also stated that they have not decide what the final dimensions will be, its showcase at the 2011 Computex Trade Show doesn’t indicate an imminent release but it is presently being said that it is expected to surface in time for the Christmas holiday. As more information is available we will have it up, right now check out the press shots of the device and a few videos as well.

Asus Padfone Tablet Dock

Asus Padfone with Tablet Dock

Asus Padfone Device

Asus Padfone

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  1. Asus is going beyond the smartphone by managing to have a tablet within the Padfone is truly spectacular. Though the look resembles a typical android phone the dock is the thing to look out for.

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