Asus RT-N13U Wireless Router

Asus RT-N13U
Asus presents us with its latest Wireless Router which won’t cause you headaches to configure, its the Asus RT-N13U. The Router measures only 165mm x 125mm x 30mm and weighs only 265g. Once you have made a connection with the Asus RT-N13U then you will experience Asus EZ UI which enables the user to easily setup and manage wireless connections, scanners and printers. The Asus Wireless Router gives the user the option to allocate the bandwidth usage to different activities, monitor your downloads 24/7 even when your PC is off and even helps with the sharing of multimedia content and documents.

The Asus RT-N13U also has an internal antenna which provides wider coverage than an external antenna. There is no information on how much it will cost as yet.


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