ASUS Transformer TF300TL LTE-enabled Tablet

ASUS has announced another tablet from its Transformer line of products, the Transformer TF300TL which is expected to be launched in Germany and Austria later this month for the suggested retail price of €629 with a keyboard dock which is approximately $774 when converted to US dollars. It will also be available without the keyboard dock for the price of €529 which is $651 in US currency.

ASUS Transformer TF300TLThe new Transformer TF300TL supports LTE connectivity at 700MHz and 1700MHz frequencies, as well as HSPA+ at 850MHz and 1900MHz. According to the press release, the TF300TL will be available in the same red, white, and blue color scheme as the non-LTE version, with the white device being distributed by carrier O2.

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