AT&T BlackBerry Bold release date pushed back to September

AT&T BlackBerry Bold set back dateAt first we all heard that it was set for July, then it was set back to August,

but now according to blackberry news this date will be set back to sometime is September.

The BB Bold was also set to be released on Roger’s today but that has also been pushed back to Tuesday. Vodafone UK has been set for August 1 although execs with the carrier will only say officially before November 1, and T-Mobile Germany release date set for August 4th.

According to BlackBerry News some of the dates are firm..

The Rogers’ date is firm, as well as the TMo Germany release on August 4th.

The September 1 date for AT&T has been targeted, but could fall slightly later as AT&T gets their training act together. Either way, I would expect at least the middle of September as AT&T is currently running an August contest in which the winner gets a 9000.

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