AT&T cancels Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update notice for HTC One X

Earlier today a post was made to AT&T’s officially blog announcing that the Android 4.1 update would be coming to their version of the HTC One X, but it seems like the carrier decided to cancel it update or the post was made by accident, as the announcement was later taken down.

HTC One XIt might happen today but the post could be a sign that the Jelly Bean update for the One X is imminent. According to the carrier, the update will deliver the usual goodies such as Project Butter for lag-free UI responsiveness, Google Now for the latest information, Notification enhancements plus the ability to view full SMS messages and MMS photos from your notification page.

The update will also feature a new countdown time for the front-facing camera which will better help when capturing self-portraits. It will come with the AT&T Locker “Cloud-based storage” which helps the user to safely store documents, photos and videos without worrying about being view by the wrong person.

Well none of these features will be available to the HTC One X users today, but it is something they can all look forward to having their smartphones do in the near future.

[Source: PhoneArena]

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