Ask Ziggy Windows app

AT&T Launches Ask Ziggy Mobile App 2.0 for Windows Phones

Ask Ziggy Windows app
AT&T just unveiled an updated version of an application for Windows Phones called Ask Ziggy. It’s a speech-driven mobile assistant that will answer almost any question it is asked by the customer. The new version 2.0 mobile assistant windows application was recently revealed at the SXSW 2012 concert in Austin, Texas.

Ask Ziggy and it will sent text messages, email, make calls, update your Facebook and Twitter status, it will find you a restaurant nearby and even Ask Ziggy to answer a trivial question. This new Windows Phone app is a direct competition to the Siri which is found on the iPhone 4S.

The developers of Ask-Ziggy also plans to launch the application on Android phone platform by the summer of 2012. Read the David vs. Goliath story after the break, Goliath seems to be referring to the ‘iPhone Siri’ and David being the new ‘Ask Ziggy’ app.

David vs. Goliath Story: “Although we are just 12 weeks old and have just doubled our employees from one to two, some in the media consider us a ‘David vs. Goliath’ story because we are now competing against Apple, with $100 billion of capital, and Google with $30 billion, not to mention thousands of their engineers who have spent years in the industry,” said Leib. “Yet despite modest funding and few employees, in just 12 weeks we have developed an application which some have already called the ‘SIRI killer,’ but we don’t embrace this label because we are new and totally respect these two companies, including Microsoft, and welcome their input on how to be like them,” Leib continued. “As we keep introducing new voice search, Personal Assistant and advertising features, and expand to Android, we hope to follow in their footsteps,” he concluded.

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