Audi Q7

Audi new Q7 Will Drive Itself

Audi is now showing off its self-driving Q7 which should be available from a dealer close to you in soon. The new driver assistance feature in the new Audi Q7 will be able to take over the driving from you with their new adaptive cruise control and jam assistant.

Audi Q7
The Jam Assistance is a feature that can take control of the vehicle in traffic jams, it vehicle can accelerate and brake itself in a traffic jam, it will also keep the vehicle a specific distance away from the vehicle in front.

Another great feature available in the Q7 is the ACC stop and go, which comes with the same features as the jam assistance but the vehicle can steer itself at speeds up to 65 km/h.

The company will also offer a range of other self drive options with the new Q7 which include a parking package, where the car will be able to steer itself and parallel park, if you need more details about the Audi Q7 then you can visit the company website.

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