Audiogalaxy gets acquired by Dropbox

AudiogalaxyDropbox came and made its name as one of the best ways for users to get their files stored in the cloud and have the convenience of accessing them from a variety of different devices which includes your smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops. Audiogalaxy does something similar, it allows the users to stream music stored on their computer onto another device, such as your smartphone.

Knowing that both companies are involved in similar businesses, we can understand the logic behind Dropbox acquiring Audiogalaxy. The acquisition was announced earlier today on the Audiogalaxy’s blog, where it was also revealed that due to the acquisition, they will no longer be accepting new signups and that existing playlists will only remain available to current users until the end of December.

We have no idea what Dropbox has planned for Audiogalaxy but if they plan to integrate it with their cloud storage service it would be a pretty nice idea. We will keep updated as more information become available on either of the service.

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