Audiology Rasta AU-160 Colorful Stereo Earphones Review

Rasta AU-160 Earphone
The Rasta AU-160 Stereo Earphones from Audiology could be considered as the ideal in-ear headphones for someone seeking a peripheral that delivers quality audio and a comfortable fit at an affordable price. The earphones comes with a colorful paint job, red, green and yellow (gold) representing the Rastafarian culture, the same culture legendary reggae artist Bob Marley was a prominent member of.

The AU-160 Earphone from Audiology features 10mm drivers, it offers an impedance of 16 ohms, 20-20000Hz frequency response, 100dB of sensitivity, there’s a 3.5mm audio input jack and a max input power of 50mW. The earphones also comes with a 1.2 meter cord enabling the user to enjoy music from their smartphones such as iPhone and other smartphones with a 3.5mm audio port, iPod and other MP3 players.

audiology in-ear headphone
The Packaging:
Not only is the earphone itself colorful, but the package also sports a fashionable design which speaks to teenage girls that loves accessorizing their devices. All three colors of the Rastafarian culture are still present on the packaging along with silhouettes of a dancer enjoying music with a mp3 playing device.

What’s in the Package:
-Rasta AU-160 Stereo Earphone
-Extra Rubber Earbuds

My Conclusion:
The Rasta AU-160 is ideal for teenagers and grown folks who have a sense of fashion. It does deliver great audio and earbuds that fits perfect in just about any ear without being sore after listening for an hour or two.

The earphones are now available from Amazon for the price of $9.95, but I found this unit at a popular department store on sale for only $5.99, so I just grabbed it.

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