Audiovox Lexi e-Book Reader

Audiovox was at the CES 2010, where they unveiled Audiovox Lexi e-Book Reader. The device will be sold under the RCA brand, a brand that the company has always marketed. The RCA Lexi features a 6-inch 800×600 e-ink display with 16-level gray scale, there is a rechargeable battery that delivers 7,000 page turns and 2GB of internal memory for storage of your e-content.

Audiovox RCA Lexi e-Book ReaderThe product launch will be supported by e-content delivered through Barnes & Noble, the world’s premier destination for e-books, magazines and newspapers. Integrated with the device, there is also the ezTurn functionality for either left or right handed page turning and has Auto-Magic content synchronization. RCA’s Lexi will ship preloaded with Barnes & Nobles Desktop Reader Windows/MAC software for reading, purchasing and managing content and it will also contain Adobe Reader Mobile technology. The Audiovox RCA Lexi will be priced at $229.99 and should be out in March 2010.

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